BISS CH Aladax's Shape of My Heart, HIC

Sadly--this past September---we lost True.  He died of Sepsis after acute liver failure.   Biopsy of his liver tells us the liver issues were secondary to an issue or infection from some other location but unfortunately---since the vet did not do a full necropsy---we do not know what that might have been.  I have consulted 6 veterinarians including the foremost liver specialist in the country but none can tell me what lead to his death.    Copies of his limited necropsy reports are available at the link below. 
necropsy report

He was our baby and as you can imagine---we are devastated by his loss and of course desperately wish we knew WHY.    Each of the specialists has told me that they are not concerned about his condition being an issue for his children or grandchildren (but of course I worry.)

True's poem
You were undeniable---not to be ignored
That precious little puppy demanding to be adored

You were not my plan -- you didn’t care

You wrapped yourself around my heart with little room to spare.

 The Shape of my heart---my hearts True love


You said “I am here to stay-a gift from above

To help you through the grief of another one you loved.”


A sweet dumb boy to love you and wash away your tears

Suddenly my plan was you’d be with me for many, many years


Larger than life--a beauty to see

You taught me so much—how to be and not be.


You said “I am here to stay and to distract you from your woes

A sweet dumb boy (or not so dumb) to keep you on your toes”


You were strong and smart and sweet and haughty

Sometimes an angel and sometimes plain naughty


How could you have left me so?

My heart aches and wants to know.


You said I am here to stay—at least for a while

While I am here I will give you many reasons to smile


I will never understand why things happened this way

It makes no sense---I have to say


So many who loved you and rallied the care

Their love it touched us, they were so kind to share


We wanted to save you to see you pull through

Apparently that’s something you just couldn’t do


I wanted to save you to stay here with me

In the end it was just not meant to be


You said I am here but it is time to go

I will always love you---I hope you know


            May God hold you and keep you safe in his arms

And be equally wowed and wooed by your charms


 To see you again with Minois and Kyrie

At the Rainbow Bridge for that we will pray


The Shape of my heart---my hearts True love


We love you we, we miss you and pray for your peace

I will love you until the end of me.

True was the Best of Breed winner at the Briard Club of California Regional Specialty.  True finished 2005 ranked number 10 in the country with LIMITED showing. 

We knew True, BISS CH Aladax's Shape of My Heart, HIC was special on the day he was born.  He turned out to be everything we thought and hoped he would be and then some.   Not only is he a champion but he was truly a champion of our hearts.   He was the SWEETEST Briard.  Be had to be careful as a guest at our house--- if you sit within True's reach-you will soon find him in your lap with his head on your shoulder.   He thought he was small enough to be a lap dog.  Although he loved everyone, True had tons of desire to work and instinct to herd sheep.  We had no doubt that he would protect his family if the need arose-thank heavens it never has.  He has certainly grown into the meaning of his name,True, short for our True Love!  Click here to see True's children

True finished the last half his championship owner handled from the BRED BY EXHIBITOR class and even won a Best Bred-By-Exhibitor Group 1!  With extremely limited showing in 2005 he won the Briard Club of California Regional Specialty, is a Multiple Group placer, finished ranked in the top 10 received and invitation to the AKC Eukanuba NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP

True's Pedigree
Health Clearance
# 31013
Penn Hip -.29 DI (Top 10% of Briards) 
OFA-Good FB-1392G24M-PI-   link
Elbows-Normal FB-EL205M24-PI
Normal IVP and Renal ultrasound
MSU thyroid panel normal

Genetic Clear-Optigen

See pictures of True's puppies with  Madison, MollyTeddy Goldie and  Secret
And his puppies:
Kadin, Trueman, Beau, Tryst, Mojo, Langley, Spike

 True's Penn Hip was.29 which is better than 90% of Briards and he was rated OFA Good.  True's  mother was Tille and his father SimbaClick his parent's names to see picture of these beautiful Briards.  Click below for their pedigrees.


True (shown far left) is always up for any kind of fun  including this daring photo shoot on the beach in Florida.



True at 3 weeks of age.
We fell in love with this guy the day he was born.
Redford      True   |   Beau  
   Tille   |   Cherie   |   Goldie   |    Tryst  |   Secret   |   Teddy