Tille's Puppies


These are Aladax Briard Puppies with Alaina and Dax Huslig.
Come back soon for updates on what the Aladax Briard puppies are up to now!
Red Boy and Peach Girl stayed with us.  They made the journey across country and met many people and creatures along the way.  
Now they have been learning about snow and dog shows!




Red Boy AKA-Hoss  His name in now Aladax's Shape of My Heart-Call Name True for My Heart's True Love!!!!                                                


Peach Girl AKA-Peachy  Her name is now Aladax's Stole My Heart.  Call name Cherie


Hot Pink Girl   AKA-Boo  Now lives with Pat Davidson owner of Daddy Simba.  Her name is  Aladax's Star of Mt. Shadow                                                                                                         


Purple AKA Barney.  Barney is now known as Dante and resides with Helen Moulden and Aminta on Victoria Island in British Columbia.  His show name is Aladax's Sorcerer                                                                                                                                      


Light Pink Girl  AKA-Pinky  Registered name Aladax's She's the One and Ally.  Ally is training to be a Search and Rescue dog.                                                                       


Green Boy  AKA-Scooby Doo  Mishu's registered name is Aladax's Smooth Operator
We hope to have recent photos of everyone soon!


Redford at 4 months
If you are Redford-Life's a Beach!!