CH Secret of Success Moravia Campanella

Secret is sweet, beautiful and a joy to live with.  We are thrilled with our lovely young lady from Czech Republic.---She is from Moravia Campanella Briards.  We have admired Pavla's dogs and their beautiful heads and nice temperaments (as well as other features) for a long time. 
Secret's mother is Charming Charisma Moravia Campanella and her father is
Sel. Pablodes Plaines de Brotonne 
We felt that a puppy from this combination
should be lovely and would bring her beautiful features into our family and the dogs we love.   We are thrilled with both litters shehas given us so far and imported her primarily so we could breed her ultimately to the sire of our first Briard, Sarek.  We are thrilled with all of her puppies.  Click on the link below for information and pictures.
Secret True puppies                Secret Sarek puppies










Secret's Pedigree
Health Clearance (link)
OFA-Excellent FB-1696E24F-PI
Eyes normal CERF filed
Genetic Clear-by pedigree






Thank you to Tom Casey for this picture of Secret getting ready for the show ring when she was just a baby---what a sweet pretty happy girl!!!








Below is Secret shortly after her arrival in Texas fitting right in from the beginning.  What a doll!!

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