AM/CAN CH Kaliphi U Know Mielleux Deux, CD, HT, OA, NAJ, NAC, OAC, NJC, OJC, NGC, PD1, U-Agl, U-CD, HCT, TDI, TT, HIC, CGC, VT, ROMX, ROMP, HOF
DOB: 12/88  DOD: 6/01
Sarek was an influential Briard and one of the most amazing Briards that we have ever met.  He was so intelligent with THE most amazing sense of humor.  He was MR. Personality Plus and his personality defines for us what it means to be "Briard."  And boy--was he a "show dog."  All of these were traits that he produced in his children including our first Briard and heart and soul, Minois.  He is the father and grandfather of MANY influential Briards.  We were all devastated by his loss in 2001.

Sarek's legacy lives on in his many accomplishments and in the outstanding achievements of his children and grandchildren.  (Look at the bottom of his OFA page which can be found here.)  These descendents include several of the dogs that live with us here at Aladax including our important sire, True, who is a Sarek grandson, Goldie, a Sarek granddaughter, Dazzle and Knight also Sarek grand kids.   Sarek is one of the Top Producing Sires in the history of the breed with only 13 litters (with his record beaten by his son, Flynn--the number one show winning Briard.) These pictures and records hardly do Sarek justice.  Perhaps only those who knew him can appreciate how grand and special he truly was.
Sarek was also a Versatile Briard.  While winning in the show ring at both the all-Breed and Specialty levels, he also had accomplishments in Obedience, Herding,  Agility and Tracking.
We at Aladax thank everyone involved with this boy for making him the great dog that he was and are so EXCITED to be expecting his litter with Secret.                                                       

AM/CAN CH Kaliphi U Know Mielleux Deux, CD, HT, OA, NAJ, NAC, OAC, NJC, OJC, NGC, PD1, U-Agl, U-CD, HCT,s TDI, TT, HIC, CGC, VT, ROMX, ROMP, HOF
DOB: 12/88  DOD: 6/01
Bred by Diane Royce (Mielleux)
Co-owners: Jane Beahan (U Know) Deb Morrow (Kaliphi)
owner/handler Kathy Lanam (Classique)

Sarek's Pedigree
Health Clearance
OFA-Good FB-474G24M-T
CSNB -Genetic Clear-Optigen


Best in Veteran Sweepstakes- 1996 National Specialty
under breeder-judge Karen Farkas, Virage Briards


Best of Breed- 1995 National Specialty



Conformation Record:                                                                                                                  At 4 years young

Best of Breed and Award of Merit- 1995 National Specialty
Almost 30 Group Firsts and almost 100 Group Placements
Group Winner and Multiple Group Placer in Canada
Top Ten Briard 5 years in US and 2 years in Canada
Award of Merit winner at three Westminster Kennel Club shows
Award of Merit at 3 National Specialties and 7 Regional Specialties
BOS at the first Briard Club of Northern California Regional Specialty
Best Stud Dog in Show - 1995 National Specialty
Best in Veteran Sweepstakes at 2 Nationals, 5 Regionals and 1 CKC National
BOS in Veteran Sweepstakes at 2 Nationals



Obedience Record:                                                                           Herding Record:
AKC CD, 1 leg on CDX                                                                    AKC HT
UKC CD                                                                                             AHBA HCTs
CGC                                                                                                    BCA HIC


Agility Record:
AKC NA, OA, NAJ, 2 legs on OAJ, two legs on AX
USDAA PD1, 2 legs on VAD, 3 PD1 Gambers legs, 1 PD2 Gambler leg
UKC  U-AgI, 1 leg on U-AGII



Other Titles:
VT (Versatility Title)

HOF (qualified in three separate categories - Conformation, Agility, and Production- only Briard to qualify in three areas)


Winning the Group in Canada with his friend Harold on a very windy day
Sarek at 4 years old - just shortly arriving in Ohio to be shown
Just 9 months old, winning a major
Going Best of Breed at 10 1/2 years old and the judge kept asking to take him slower!!
Sarek and his beautiful sister, December, at 11 1/2 years old, going BOS and Best in another Veteran Sweepstakes
Sarek's third Award of Merit at an ASBC Regional Specialty at 9 years old.
Winning the Stud Dog Class at the 1995 National with son Willie (Winner's Dog that day) and daughter Juste. (Not sure he enjoyed sharing the limelight with the kids that day.
Au naturel
Best in Veteran Sweepstakes at ASBC at 11 years old
Almost 12 years old
Sarek earned all of his agility titles between 8 and 11 1/2. 
11 years old!!!!!