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Lunier Briards
Goldie/True son--Mojo
True daughter--Vera
True/Madison son--Kadin
Service Dog/Briard

Briard Rescue


Alternate/Holistic Websites
     Alternate Veterinary Medicine Website                               

Sirius dog website
 Vaccination issues         
Whole Dog Journal

Canine Health Foundation
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA)
NEW Penn Hip Website-
            PennHip versus OFA-You Be the Judge

Optigen for CSNB DNA testing information-
Purdue Bloat Research
Bloat-Wonderful summary and links regarding this serious killer of dogs- Bloat Info
            Bloat, Bloat and more Bloat (you can never have enough information on this condition-
Emergency Dog Links
Vaccination issues-a thought provoking article by Dr. W. Jean Dodds
Canine Poison Information Site-
ASPCA Poison Control Center
Canine Genetics Research Information



Dog News
Weekly Digest of American Dogs

    Dog Show Superintendents
          Jack Bradshaw

          Jim Rau

  Food and Supplements
Innova-one of the best "dog foods" for those who just can't "make their own"


Products Online
Dog Supplies -
Care-A-Lot Pet Supply-great prices!       
JB Wholesale Pet Supplies Inc.

Useful Products
Les Pooch (Great brushes etc.)
Best Shot Shampoo and Conditioner-

Natures Specialties

The Dogpatch- Premier site on Obedience/Agility etc-

CleanRun-Primary agility webpage-
Herding Programs in North America-
ASCA Stockdog program

Terrific Pets
Puppy Dog Web-
- A site dedicated to purebred puppies and dogs
AKC &FCI Dog Breeders Directory


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