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Martine Huslig/Aladax Briards

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18 month old male available
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 Contact Martine for details at (858) 442-3791.

Health, Temperment, Beauty      XXOXXO     At Aladax Briards our puppies are raised in our home and are part of our busy family     XXOXXO   We hope to give them the best start in life with lots of love, attention and good nutrition     XXOXXO   Puppies are available occasionally to approved homes   



Black and Tawny puppies planned for fall/winter 2012---contact Martine Huslig at (858) 442-3791 or [email protected] for more information.

Performance and conformation puppies expected.

Note: is the Canine Health Information Center--numbers are given to dogs that have at least a minimum number of health clearances as defined by the breed club.  The goal of CHIC is to improve the health of dogs and improve the sharing of health information-Click on the link above to learn more about CHIC  Each CHIC number links to our dogs' health clearance page on the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals website.  Health is our highest priority and beyond CHIC we only breed bloat free dogs with no early onset bloat in their close relatives.  All breedings are done with low inbreeding coefficients in our attempts to ensure the best health and longevity possible.  (Please feel free to contact us for studies that support the importance of such breeding practices while we work to update our website with this information.