Photos...Classique Candids

Abby D - my first Briard                                    Cruiser- the unbriard 

 Frida Grace (Liam/Juste)          

Godot and family (Redford/Juste)                        Godot                                                                   Godot

Goodfellow (Sarek/Abby) at the beach                                                    Fellow

Fellow in his summer trim                                        Fellow- enjoying a day at the beach

Henna (Sarek/Kali)                                              Yogi (Bear/Juste)

Hudson (Sarek/Madison) with Harley

Spyder with surragate momther & Bouvier friend 

QueQue (Bear/Juste)

Puccini (Redford/Juste)                              Puccini enjoying the good life                                      Paige (Trevor/Ronni)

Opus                                                                             Opus

Minois (Sarek/Ici)                          Missy (Sarek/Madison)                                                        Missy


Max (Clouseau/Juste) and friend Frankie                      Legende (Sarek/Gus)

Ancho (Lucca/Chili)

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