Ch. Classique Objet Trouve   "Trevor"

Sire: Ch. Kaliphi Henri Hubert CD OA OAJ HIC U-AgI TT CGC VT HOF
Dam: Ch. Classique Juste Rewards de Mielleux PT HT HCT JHD U-AgI ROM

Owned by Classique and Tia Briards



Trevor has sired three litters:

#1 out of Ch. Ironie de Lindeau

Ch. Tambrie Perchance to Dream  "Taya"      Ch. Tambrie Phunky Farley

#2 out of Ch. Deja Vu 'Mber Waves of Grain

Ch. Celebra Tres Extravagant   "ZsaZsa"                         Celebra's Tres Debonaire "Astaire" aka-"Fred"                            

Celebra's Tres Aide Joyeaux-"Simka" and Deanie                                     Celebra's Tres Blonde Mon Ami "Bacall"aka-"Blondie"
 support dog in training








CH Celebra's Tres Celebre   "Bogart"

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