We are pleased to present now Champion Classique Sarekson.  We are almost sad he is finished because he has been so         much fun to show.  Look for him in performance events while he "grows up". The newest addition at Classique, Mister is the result of a frozen semen breeding, done just a few days after the death of his father. He is my first Sarek son in over ten years. Hope that this promising puppy turns out to follow in his father's pawprints!                                                                                                                           



Classique Sarekson- "Mister" aka "Puppet"
Owned by Classique
DOB 8/30/2001
Sarek    Dam: Madison

Best in Sweepstakes - 2002 ASBC Regional Specialty
Winners Dog - 2002 Briard Club of California Specialty
Winner of 4 Majors; Finished at 10 months
Pictured at 9 months of age, before his color had totally cleared



Also watch for Mister's siblings:

Foxlair Classique Dior S.O.S. -
Sonny - co-owned by Classique with Denise Simenauer and Toni Jones;  Both majors!
Foxlair Classique Sienna-
c'N- owned by Christi Leigh; Major Pointed!
Foxlair Dansr Sierra-
Sierra- owned by Sheri Daniel; Has both majors!
Foxlair Classique Sporte!-
Missy- owned by Valerie Fox and Madelyn Warcholik; Pointed!


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