CH Aladax's Dream Come True
Desi aka Desilu
(Secret/True litter)

We are just thrilled with this BEAUTIFUL girl!!! 

She is the proud mother of 11 beautiful puppies.

Desi's Puppies







Desi's pedigree
Health Clearance (link)
OFA-Good FB-1016G32F-VPI
OFA Elbow-
OFA Thyroid FB-TH60/32F-VPI
CERF BR-346082
CSNB-Genetic clear by DNA
CHIC pending CSNB listing







At only 5 months old, she came along to the 2008 National "just for fun" and came home as one of a small percentage of puppies to go Rassamblament Puppy Select (pic below.)  Thank you Rass evaluators Monsieur Lin Montenot and Madame Monique Weber Lo Giaco.   (Learn more bout the Rass here)

Then she came to Texas for majors (since she could find so few in Florida.)  Not only did she win major after major (with competition in girls and boys) one day she won the major by going BEST OF BREED over a top ranking special---what a trip for this pretty girl!!!  And all at only 14 months old!!!

We are so pleased with this BEAUTIFUL puppy!!!
Thank you to owners Debbie and Bruce Martin for doing such a great job with this sweet, outgoing and confident girl.

Desi typifies our goals for our breeding program---a beautiful outgoing happy character who knows no enemies, a sweet, loving companion and a beautiful Briard with substantial  bone, lovely structure and beautiful movement who has a type and quality that is competitive in both US and Europe.  When she was chosen Rass puppy select--the judges said nothing more than "beautiful movement.".  This litter has a LOW COI and beautiful quality and consistent type---go to these links for more information on her littermates and on our upcoming litters.





Desi's "first points."





(Don't tell Desi that the entire golf course is not HERS!)


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