Aladax's Dare to Dream of Kaliphi



Cosmo is possibly THE most laid back Briard we have ever known---but strong and athletic TOO.
He is ALL Briard.
What a PERSONALITY and funny sense of humor (just like his brother Midas.) 
He tries to catch soccer balls in mid air and
When you say PLOP--
He turns around and sits on you (sitting on his owner shown left)
When you are trying to make him do something he does not want to do---
he pretends to be sleeping (and sometimes really is!!!)  Shown below...
Theresa and Barry Grimes and their 5 kids are doing a great job raising this boy---
where his sudden need for a nap is called "Doin' the Cosmo-(as the kids say and do themselves.)

Behaving like an adult for a minute...

Extreme Soccer---Cosmo style!

On your Mark....



Get Ready.......






Get Set.....





















And the other side of Cosmo....

"Doin' the Cosmo"

Then                                                                                and Now


Cosmo's Pedigree
Health Clearance
Genetic Clear-By pedigree












More Cosmo

Cosmo at 9 month





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