Aladax Briards

Aladax Briards
     Martine and Dan Huslig
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The Aladax Briard family is in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. We seek to preserve the intelligence, character, beauty and well-being of these amazing dogs. We strive to breed a classic Briard: personality, intelligence, easy quicksilver flowing gait, ability to work sheep, speed effortlessly around the agility course or hang out and watch old movies.  We believe big blocky heads and a substantial dog with spirit and heart!  
Briards are called "Hearts Wrapped in Fur."  That means that they have an intellect and a humor that wraps around your heart.  This intelligence is the best and worst thing about Briards.   "They are an intelligent breed requiring an intelligent master." They are the type of dogs that should save Timmy from the well, work sheep all day and then calmly guard the family at night.  They are the best companion ever for those they love but they are NOT the breed for everyone.  They are smart working dogs who will take advantage of a soft master but respond poorly to harsh treatment.   They need a leader with firm and loving training. They provide loyalty 10 fold to those they love and respect.  They walk all over those who cannot take the lead and will shut down for those who are harsh and unkind.  

All Briards are NOT inherently good with children but in our opinion those with the correct character for the breed should be.  They should be that dog that is watching the kids play at dusk alert to any possible danger; at the end of the child's bed when they are sick and absent when they are only pretending  When it comes to our breeding program---our dogs are beautiful with judges often surprised since at the excellent quality hiding down here in Texas but in our opinion nothing is more important than health and the correct temperament/character for the breed.  As a Human Genetic Counselor Martine's primary purpose for becoming involved in breeding was to improve breed health. Please see about us for more information. 

Our dogs do well in the show ring but most importantly they are house dogs and companions who attend soccer games and kid parties.  They are an important part of our home, family, community and lives.  Excellent temperaments are not optional but only so much can be done by breeding good temperaments.  A Briard must also be raised and socialized well.  Our puppies have a GREAT start raised in our family room with our children, accepting regular visitors and socializing at our small town bank, sporting events and stores.  We feel strongly that puppies must be properly socialized from before birth to 2 years to reach their ultimate potential as beloved companions.  See Behavioral Development of the Puppy .   It is important that proper socialization and training continue for the first year and beyond since a puppy's ultimate temperament has as MUCH to do with how they are raised, as good genetics!  We provide ongoing support in this to our puppy buyers and will "be there" for our puppies and their owners for a lifetime.  Briards need a home where they are raised with time, love, firm guidance, a sense of humor and understanding.   I generally say they are like raising a smart spirited child (they will make a fool of you if you let them but with the right guidance will make you PROUD!)

Martine feels equipped to breed Briard's that are as healthy as possible and is committed to the health of Briards and of all breeds.  The health issues are what break people's hearts. 
We are happy for our dogs to go on to be competitive working, performance and conformation dogs.  We are most proud of the several dogs we having working as functional service dogs, excellent agility and dogs that are showing their abilities in herding.  Stable, sound dogs that can do well anywhere are our highest priority if they are earning ribbons or cherished companions.   

We try to provide comprehensive information on this website on the breed, breed health and our own dogs.  Browse around and feel free to contact us with questions or for more information.
Past Aladax Litters
Upcoming litters/Puppies Available
See below to learn detailed information about each of our dogs. 

We would like to introduce to you the Aladax Briards: (Click on each name to learn more about each one)

The Aladax Girls:

CH Aladax's Blame it On Love Tryst  CH Secret of Success Moravia Campanella

and the resident Cavalier (who keeps the Briard in line) BUNNY

The Aladax Boys:
Our up and comer...  



Majestique Capture My Heart

Aladax Briards that are happily living and accomplishing with their people
  We try to provide excellent long term to support to ALL of our puppies and their owners and assist where needed with all of these show potential babies...
                                    (as I say to my kids---they may grow UP but they will ALWAYS be our babies...)

Aladax's Divine Dream by Kaliphi CH All About S. Cain (male) CH Aladax's Bliss True Bliss  (male)
   Midas  Secret X Sarek           Solomon Cherie X Trevor         Langley Teddy X True
Aladax's Blondie Bear V Wejoma CGC Aladax's Dare to Dream of Kaliphi
CH Aladax's Catch as Catch Can, TDI   (male)
            Spike Goldie X True              Cosmo  Secret X Sarek                Yogi  Cherie X Pyro
Aladax's Dreams Come True 
Aladax's Diamond  In The Ruff
 Aladax's Eternal Truth 
(Tryst X Ivy) Eros
          Desi  Secret X True               Ruff  Secret X True              
Aladax's Freedom Fighter v' Wejoma Aladax's Fly Me to the Moon
Aragorn       Buzz

And MORE news to come...

Aladax Briards at the Rainbow Bridge: NEVER forgotten
Our SPECIAL boy  

BISS CH Aladax's Shape of My Heart
 True's Children

Am/Can CH Grinzing's Kaliphi Mon Chance, NA, NAJ, CGC, HIC    
Minois (the first love of our life)



Sagi's Veritable Truth of Aladax







CH Aladax's Petiller de Joie De Bejaune Tille
Tille our second Briard lived out here days
on the end of Alaina's bed






CH Aladax's Stole My Heart, HIC
Will forever be missed
by those who loved her-  Thank you Nicki

"Retired" Aladax Briards (they no longer breed or show but will always be SPECIAL)


CH Aladax's As You Wish  CH Classique Treasure of Aladax Redford
       Buttercup  Cherie X Trevor        Goldie  Redford's Children
  Aladax's Believe Dazzle
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